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Meat Cutting Instructions

Please choose from the list below for the proper Cutting Instructions form.

Do not Left Click on the Form Links. That may open it in your browser, which will not work properly. You need to save the form to your Desktop or Hard Drive first. Right Click & Choose Save Target or Save Link As. (May vary depending on browser.) Then open the form with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you’re not sure you have it or it is not up to date follow the directions farther down the page to install/update Adobe Reader. (The forms will not work without Adobe Reader. They will not work in the browser or on a mobile phone.) Then fill it out, Save it and email it back to us @ If you have problems, Please follow the instructions farther down the page.

Malco’s Buxton Meats is one of only 11 USDA on-site inspected processing centers in the state of Oregon.
Sellers must fill out forms for customers. Except wild game.


How to use the “Cutting Instructions” forms.

Do not Left Click on the form link. That may open it in the browser. Most browsers have limited functionality for these kinds of forms. They will not save properly. You need to download the form to your hard drive then open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed or up to date you will need to follow the instructions below to install/update it. It’s easy and only take a couple minutes.

Also IMPORTANT. These forms will not function properly on a mobile phone!

Directions on how to download and use the form

How to download the Cutting Instruction Forms

To download the file. If you are a novice computer user please follow the directions below that match your computer and browser.

Windows Users:

FIreFox & Google Chrome
Right click on the form you want to save and choose, “Save Link As…”.

Internet Explorer
Right click on the form you want to save and choose, “Save target as…”.

Save the File to your Desktop


MAC Users
ctrl + click on the form you want to save and choose, “download linked file”. (The command in quotes may vary depending on what browser you are using.)

How to Install Adobe Reader for the forms

If you are not sure if you have Adobe Reader installed. Please follow these directions below. You also may need to update your Adobe Reader if you are having any trouble with the forms. The same instructions below apply.

1.) Goto
AdobeGraphic2.) You will see a page that looks like this picture. UnCheck the Optional Offers as indicated in the picture. (Unless you want those items installed on your computer.)
3.) Click Install Now. This will walk you through installing Adobe Reader.
4.) You are now ready to Fill out the Cutting Instructions Form(s).

How to Fill in the Forms and Return Them To Us

1.) Go to where you saved the form(s). If you followed the directions on how to download them, the form(s) will be on your Desktop.
2.) Double Click the file. This should open it in Adobe Reader.
(If it opens the form in your internet browser, Close the browser. Right Click on the Form file on your Desktop and choose the option – Open With. Then choose Adobe Acrobat Reader.)
3.) Fill out the form. When you are done Click Save. File menu –> Save.
4.) Send it back to us. Open your email program and attach the Form file in an email and send it to us @



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For more information, Please give us a call.
We would be happy to talk to you on the phone or email.
Come by the facility for a tour.
Call: 503-668-4838
These are the old Forms.
You can download these, print them and fill them out the old fashioned way. Then Fax, Scan & Email or bring it in to us.

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